Sunday, August 07, 2005

Grilled Snow Crab Legs

Get Ready To Be Amazed...

Sunday afternoon was fairly mild here on the island of St. Simons on the Georgia coast.

The flys and other bugs gave us a break at the pool and the weather was only moderately threatening on and off. The only ominous thing I was facing was--with the oven still out of service--dinner was to be cooked outside, AGAIN, with...


Coincidentally, in wandering through the grocery store yesterday I was swept up into a fit of buying. They had whole pork tenderloins and snow crab clusters on sale for LESS THAN HALF PRICE.

The fridge and freezer is full as we speak.

Then tonight I wanted to eat Snow Crab clusters, but I had to do them on the grill.

So I did...

I have always had lobster and crab steamed or boiled, but never grilled. That said, I can personally testify that I will probably never boil or steam crab legs ever again.

You need to try it for yourself, and to make dinner for two on the grill, you'll need:

Eight or ten frozen snow crab clusters (or Dungeness or Alaskan King crab)

1 stick of butter
1 or 2 lemons

Now as to the preparations:

First toss your frozen crab in a large boiler and cover with water and a few splashes of lemon juice to thaw.

Change the water once to reduce the smell and improve the flavor.

Let everything soak for three or four hours if you want to.

Now fire up the grill.

Put the butter in a small boiler and melt it on the stove (or the grill if your stove is broken like mine...) Scoop off the solids that float to the top.

Now you have "drawn butter."

Remove your crab clusters from the water and let them drain on a a pile of paper towels in a pan or on a cookie sheet.

After they have drained, brush both sides of each cluster with oilve oil. Sprinkle them with a little salt and pepper or better yet, some Old Bay Seasoning.

Place the clusters on the grill for three or four minutes on each side, then pull them off the grill onto a platter with the sliced lemon wedges, get yourself a couple of plates and a roll of paper towels each, sit down at the table, and EAT.

Regards Y'all,

The Redneck Gourmet


Holly said...

This is exactly what my husband and I were looking for!! Glad to have found your blog! Thank you!

Kristin Milam said...

We also like to sprinkle the crab legs with our favorite barbecue seasoning before grilling. Lots of flavor.

TURZACHomes said...

Snow crab legs are on sale this week and last night I got some and thought "I wonder if I could grill these?" So a quick search on my phone and I found your site and so I grilled these with some ribs and corn on the cob "Whoa buddy!" Thanks for the instructions! The wife and kids and I loved them. Like you say - this is the only way to prepare them now that I know!

cognito said...

I took the olive oil, mixed it with garlic and Old Bay, brushed it on the crab legs and then grilled. Fantastic!

We ate them so fast we almost hurt ourselves.

Baste also worked for the lobster tails we cut in half (in shell) and grilled at the same time.

Anonymous said...

For the past week we were on vacation at our favorite place (The Beach).
We had rented a condo so wen would have plenty of room for them girls and their friends and yet have our own privacy . Long story short. I LOVE to cook. In haven to admit I was tired of being in the kitchen at sunset and looking through the glorious glass doors at the fantastic panoramic view.
I asked my hubby to google a recipe for grilled crab. He found yours! So I got the hubby and kids to help me carie down all the supplies. We feasted on grilled NY strips and grilled crab until we could not move. I will never ever boil crab again! BTW, I put the clusters of crab frozen on the grill. Took a little longer to cook on a lower heat but so yummy for our tummy's. I can't wait for crab to go on sale again:) Yvonne, Tampa FL